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Website Validating Services

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Even the best programmers, software can result in errors in your web page.

They may not be visible, but could affect performance...

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  How we can help...

It is true that even the best programmers and even software may result in errors or depricated code on your web page. The trouble is that modern day web browsers are intelligent and may well over come these errors resulting in correctly displayed pages.

But search engines use 'web robots' that crawl through your website to index its content. Not all of these however are intelligent enough to over come problems that may occur in the coding of your web page. This means that valueable content on your website may not be seen by the search engines - and hence won't appear in search results.

Ic-webs.com Web Site Validation Service

In our website validation service, we will examine pages of your website to not only determine if errors exist, but also inform you of what they are. the cost of the service will depend upon the number of pages you would like us to analyse, but the basic service itself covers up to 10 pages and costs only £24.99. Please contact us directly if you would like us to analyse more.

If you would like a more comprehensive report - then why not combine our basic validation report with our website optimisation report service for £39.99 (making a £10.00 saving). This will provide you with summary information on how to improve your website for search engines...

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