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Website Promotion Services

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Increasing your presence in search engines and directories is important if you want to attract more custom.

But is it really as straight forward as just registering with search engines...

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  How we can help...

If you want to increase the custom of your business, then it is very important to make sure that you maximise your websites Internet prescence. But it is vitally important that you create some structured campaign so that you can monitor the performance of that campaign over a period of time. This will help identify strengths and weaknesses.

How ic-webs.com can help you

One of the most important factors why our customers repeatedly ask for help from us in their website marketing campaign is that we have a very open and honest approach. We will not make claims such as 'pay us x amount of money and we will guarentee you a top 10 position in y and z'. On balance, if 30 companies took the offer all with the same keyowrds etc., how can they all obtain a top 10 position? Website promotion and marketing is much more complex, and requires a great deal of analysis throughout a campaign to reap its rewards. And this is where we have the expertise to help.

Does a top ranking always guarentee success?

In a nutshell, no. Of course it is very desirable to have as much presence on search engines as possible, but there is much more to it than that. Taking a sensible approach, one can easily appreciate that you could have a number one position in a search engine for example, but if your website navigation is terrible and customers don't see your products - then they will not sell. Your top positions may also occur for searches that aren't relevant to the customers requirements - and again they won't sell. Both these example situations are bad for business and are indicative that there is more involved than just top rankings. Further, no longer should we take for granted that people only look at the first few results of a search. It simply isn't true. Taking a qualified and strategic approach in promoting a website is more desireable in a cost effective marketing strategy.

Factors involved in website promotion

Many factors need to be taken into consideration even before we attempt to promote a clients website. And this is why we consult with our clients to determine exactly their needs. In doing so, we can help optimise a clients website so that it is directed toward its target audience more effectively. For example, if you only sell to the education sector, then you may not want to be inundated with e-mail enquiries from the public sector...

There are also other important considerations. In all cases in the optimisation process we make optional recommendations to our clients that will help improve a wesites chances of being indexed more effectively by search engines. Google, for example is one of the largest search engines but works in a totally different way to others. As such the actual structure of website to be promoted may require improvement.

Marketing to Promote your website

Depending upon your marketing budget, ic-webs.com can recommend an array of strategies to both boost the short term activities of your website, and also look at the long term prospects. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements...

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