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  Information Page: Web Hosting Solutions

Business Standard Website Hosting

All of the business web hosting solutions are designed to provide a suitable working website environment for business customers. For a more tailored website hosting solution - please contact us.

The Business Standard web hosting solution provides a small business with ample e-mail addresses for distribution amongst staff, as well as web space that will enable quite a large web site to operate.

The website will be hsoted on the latest Windows® 2003 .NET servers with full support for ASP, .NET (optional), PHP, CGI, ISAPI, SHTML, IHTML and Frontpage Extensions (optional), and the backing of a multi-million pound data centre with 400MB/s bandwidth available.

Business Standard Website Hosting Package Contents

30 - POP 3 E-mail addresses (each with your own user names and passwords)
Up to 5 FTP Accounts
500Mb web space - ample for even a large project
ODBC - so you can connect to the most common databases
Personal Control Panel
Matrix Stats
1 Free Sub Domain

All for 49.00 per year

Optional Extras for your Web Hosting Package

Domain Name (please see our Domain Name Services pages)
Personal Control Panel (£10.00 per year)
.NET Framework (£35.00 per year)
Frontpage Extensions (£35.00 per year)
Spam Filtering (£15.00 per year / per e-mail address)
MySQL Database (£70.00 per year)
MS SQL Database (£350.00 per year)
Password Protection (£15.00 per year)
Advanced Password Protection (£35.00 per year)
10M SSL - Secure Web Space (£65.00 per year)

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