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  Information Page: Web Hosting Solutions

Business Pro Website Hosting

All of the business web hosting solutions are designed to provide a suitable working website environment for business customers. For a more tailored website hosting solution - please contact us.

The Business Pro web hosting solution provides a web hosting environment suitable for medium to large businesses that wish to take advantage of our powerful web hosting architecture. With no limit (subject to our fair use policy) on the amount of web space provided, nor pop 3 e-mail accounts, combined with free sub-domains, you are sure to be able to create a very professional image to your customers.

The website will be hsoted on the latest Windows® 2003 .NET servers with full support for ASP, .NET (optional), PHP, CGI, ISAPI, SHTML, IHTML and Frontpage Extensions (optional), and the backing of a multi-million pound data centre with 400MB/s bandwidth available.

Business Standard Website Hosting Package Contents

Unlimited - POP 3 E-mail addresses (each with your own user names and passwords)
Up to 10 FTP Accounts
unlimited web space
.NET Framework
ODBC - so you can connect to the most common databases
Personal Control Panel
Matrix Stats
5 Free Sub Domains

All for 89.00 per year

Optional Extras for your Web Hosting Package

Domain Name (please see our Domain Name Services pages)
Personal Control Panel (£10.00 per year)
Frontpage Extensions (£35.00 per year)
Anti-virus E-mail Scanning(£25.00 per year)
Spam Filtering (£15.00 per year / per e-mail address)
MySQL Database (£70.00 per year)
MS SQL Database (£350.00 per year)
Password Protection (£15.00 per year)
Advanced Password Protection (£35.00 per year)
10M SSL - Secure Web Space (£65.00 per year)

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