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  Information Page: Website Design Examples

Examples of Web Sites Designed by ic-webs.com...

Website Designs

Below are a few examples of the websites designed by ic-webs.com. When browsing through them, please bear in mind that the designs that are shown are a product of the customers requirement as well as our website deign skills. So if you do not see something that quite fits your needs - that is the point we are making. We work with you to achieve results that reflect your needs and business image. If you have any questions, please contact us

Gamesindoors website design by ic-webs.com

Games Indoors

Gamesindoors.co.uk is an on line website company that specialises in the provision of indoor gaming equipment to trade, businesses / organisations and also the retail environment. Their extensive product range includes table football games, table tennis, snooker, pool and air hockey to name but a few from leading manufacturers such as Bonzini, Garlando, Pot Black and MightyMast as well as many others

Gamesindoors.co.uk is an example of a full E-Commerce based wed site design, with all product information and costs provided, shopping kart system and payment gateway integration. The specialist design of the off line customer management system provided for this website allows the main functional web pages to be deployed in standard HTML - beneficial when it comes to search engines, as each page on the website really does exist and so can be searched. There is also the added benefit of quicker loading of the website pages, since no database needs to be accessed. Of course, should the client choose, the website can be deployed as a database driven system. The client also has a great degree of control in what and how information is displayed on the web pages via their Content Management System.

Click here to visit Gamesindoors

Premiumsunglasses website design by ic-webs.com


Premiumsunglasses.com is a website dedicated to the retail of genuine Oakley sunglasses, Oakley Goggles, Oakley Watches and accessories.

Premiumsunglassses.com is another example of a full e-commerce database driven website design solution incorporating shopping kart system and payment gateway integration. The re-mit for the design was for the website to be simplistic and easily accessible, whilst providing a visual strength that is identifiable with such a well known product manufacturer. To meet this, all of the images including the main header (not including the product images) were designed in house by ic-webs.com.

Rather than provide a product page for each individual color of a product - which would result in great deal of repetative information and increased page loading times, the product family is presented on a single page, allowing the user to scan through the differing colour variants. All necessary information such as pricing changes to reflect the product being viewed - the result being a visually pleasing navigation system.

Click here to visit Premiumsunglasses.com

Walters-Opticians.com website design by ic-webs.com

Walters Opticians

Walters-Opticains.com is the company website for Walters Opticians of Gainsborough, Lincoln, UK.

Walters-Opticians.com is a prime example of both company contact and full e-commerce database driven website design solution incorporating shopping kart system and payment gateway integration. However, the re-mit for this development not only included the basic company and product information, but also more information on eye care, and more in depth information on the eye care services provided.

All the information is provided in a visually simplistic, yet presentationally effective manner. Since this company has qualified opticians at hand, more complex information required for the dispensing of contact lenses is integrated into the website ensuring that the correct product is provided, and all necessary legallities are adhered to.

Click here to visit Walters-Opticians.com

Ears - bigcatrescuesantuary.org website design by ic-webs.com

EARS - Endangered Animal Rescue Santuary

BigCatRescueSantcuary.org is the website of the Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary - a not for profit charitable organisation based in Citr, Florida, USA. Their primary objective is in the rescue and care of endangered animals including lions, tigers, cougars and bears to name but a few.

Ears - bigcatresuesantuary.org website design by ic-webs.comThis website was designed by ic-webs.com as a response to a previously very badly designed website for which EARS were charged a consideable sum of money. At ic-webs.com, we will always help charitable organisations as much as possible where we can.

The website is designed in such a way as to provide individual pages for each of the EARS residents - although all are not shown on the website at present. The web site is an example of a large static design web site, relying on standard HTML pages as opposed to a database driven system. It does also sell products in aid of its non Government supported income, as well as takes donations through the website. Thus is a good example of where a static site can be adapted quite easily to retail a small product range that does not change frequently.

ic-webs.com continually supports EARS as much as it can. If you would like to find out more, or indeed make a donation - please click the link below.

Click here to visit Bigcatsanctuary.org

heina-optical website design by ic-webs.com

Heina Optical

Heina-Optical.com is a specialist website deicated to the sale of sunglasses to trade organisations only direct from the manufacturer.

This website design is an example of static website design. It's primary focus is as a company contact website, that also displays some of their product range. The first page of the website is flash based, with a version of the orginal company logo re-developed by ic-webs.com to make it more 3 dimensional.

Although we do not recommend flash based website pages, they can be effective where the customer base is already established for a company, and the website is as a contact point for those customers. The contents of flash elements on a website page can not be read by search engine robots, hence are not suitable for submission to search engines.

Click here to visit Heina-Optical.com

sdb-equipment website design by ic-webs.com


sdb-equipment.co.uk is a specialist company in the business of hire/sale of access platforms to public sector organisations only.

This website design is an example of static website design. The primary foacus here is also as a company contact website for existing clients, and this is achieved with a small scale web site design split into just 6 pages, including the contact form.

Click here to visit SDB-Equipment.co.uk

swfs-ltd.co.uk website design by ic-webs.com


SWFS-Ltd.co.uk is the website of SW Financial Services Ltd, with offices in Lincoln, UK.

The website re-mit in this case was to provide a simple, friendly graphical interface with the use of cartoon like images to aid navigation. The client in this case only required basic information to be presented to the viewer, and this was achieved through 3 simple pages, one of which contains all the necessary contact information and customer contact forms.

Click here to visit SWFS-Ltd.co.uk

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