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Website Design Services

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A well designed web site is essential for the promotion of your business.

But, achieving a design that both promotes your business visually and performs well in its desired target area (e.g. search engines) is not so simple...

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  How we can help...

Ic-Webs can help you develop and design a website to maximise your potential in your prefered target area. Whatever type of business, or if even for personal use, we can take your web site project from start to completion. Even if you already have a website, but want to bring it up to date with a fresh new design, we can help.

All of our website designs are unique, and developed in house by a developer with over 10 years experience in the Internet field. So you can be ssured that any web site designed for you is just that - for you and your business. From the smallest to largest project - we can help you, and of course that personal touch that our customers come to expect is always there. Once more, your website will be both validated and optimised when you recieve it...

Knowing exactly what type of web site your business needs is not always easy to determine. The links to the left provide more information on common website configurations which may make this decision process a little easier.

The following basic guidelines also provide an insight into the type of website design you may require. Of course your particular needs may not fit snuggly into a particular design category - but don't worry, this is not unusual and of course you can be assured your web site design will meet your specifications.

Static website design

If all you require is to provide your potential Internet customers with information relating to your business which does not need to be updated regularly, then a static website design is ideal. If however, you do need to update information on a regular basis, a Content Managed web site design may be more suitable.

E-Business website design

If you are looking for a more complete solution that may involve generation of up to date product information for example, collation of customer information or more interactive capability, then an E-Business website design solution may be the answer. You may want to promote such a website in the full public sector of the World Wide Web, or depending upon your business make it a private website, allowing access only to those you wish (for example a wholesaler may only want such information to it's whole sale customers).

E-Commerce website design

The website design of choice if you are selling products over the Internet. Utilising a database design strategy simplifies the process of adding/removing products and updating product information. An integrated shopping kart records the items the customer wishes to purchase and walks them through the checkout process via the payment gateway of your choice...

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