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  Information Page: Static Website Design

Static Website Designs, Usefullness and Limitations

graphically interfaced static contact websiteEven in this day and age, where websites can dazzle with their fantastic graphics and ever changing content, simple, static websites still have a very important role to play. Infact it is important to expel the myth that the more dynamic a website is means that it will perform well. This is simply not true. Search engines are quite intelligent applications that filter and index relevant information that is returned to people who initiate a search for specific words or phrases. Thus content is key.

If the nature of your business involves the production and distribution of information that does not change frequently - for example a solicitors, insurance broker, etc., - and you need to make this information available to the public so they can make an informed choice in relation to your services - then a static website design is ideal...

What we mean by static design

Essentially, in terms of a static website, we refer to a website that is written in straight forword HTML (the language used to produce web pages - Hypertext Markup Language). As no database, or content-management facility is provided, the only way to alter the content seen on a web page is to alter the web page itself (of course, we can do that for you if you would like us to maintain your website). It doesn't mean that the webite will just be boring plain text - of course the intention is to develop it in such a way as to reflect the image of your business effectively. It also doesn't mean that it can't be interactive - specialist forms for customers to complete (e.g. insurance proposal forms, enquiry forms, etc.) can also be incorporated.

Other uses for static design websites

Sometimes a business just wants to create a company contact website as an alternative method of 'point of contact' for it's existing clients without the wish to actively promote themselves on the World Wide Web. It isn't always easy for customers to contact busineses during normal office hours, thus a company contact website provides an excellent additional service to a business portfolio.

Designs and numbers of pages...

static information based website utilising form elementsThe design and size of a static website can vary considerably - depending upon your requirements. They could be simplistic and informative, or inclusive of a more graphic element. The number of pages could be from the basic 3 page website (introduction page, about us page, company contact page) to literally hundreds of pages - depending upon the products / service / general information pages that are required.

Essentially, the number of pages that you will have in your finalised website will be dependant upon the amount of information you supply us. Unlike many Web Design Companies - we DO NOT charge you by the page (unless you specifically purchase a 3 or 5 page website). We consider all website design contracts as a project, and as such your payment is for time. This means that we will examine your content thoroughly, and organise it in as many pages as required to maximise your websites potential.

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