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Website Optimizing Services

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If you have a website, but it isn't performing very well in the search engines - it probably needs optimising.

An optimisation report from ic-webs.com will help get you back on track...

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  How we can help...

There are many factors involved in effectively promoting your website in the vast array of search engines and directories on the Internet. However, even the nicest looking websites can suffer if they are not well designed and lack certain essentials looked for when the search engines come to index them.

So, if your website isn't generating the results you expected then try our website optimisation service

Ic-webs.com Optimisation Service

In our website optimisation service, we will appraise your website and make suggestions in how you can make changes to not only optimize your website effectively, but make it work better for you - all for £24.99. You also have the option of providing your most important keywords so that we can make more precise judgements. Within 7 working days we will then forward you a summarised report with our suggestions.

On recieving your report, should you like to discuss implementing any of the solutions we recommend - please contact us for a quotation. If we implement the solutions we suggest, we will deduct the amount paid for the report.

If you would like a more comprehensive report - then why not combine it with our basic website validation service for £39.99 (making a £10.00 saving). This will provide you with information about structural errors in your website design that may affect - amongst other things - the ability for search engines to index your website pages properly...

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