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  Information Page: Payment Gateways

Payment Gateway Integration Services

What is a Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is essentially the part of a website that you enter your payment details (usually credit / debit card), which are then processed and the money at some point credited to your account. The payment gateway itself is owned by the company you choose to process your customers payments. Your website links to this gateway, and then after processing the payment the payment gateway will re-direct back to your website, in most cases providing some result on the success of the transaction.

There are a number of different types of payment gateway, but the two most common are the traditional merchant based gateways - such as WorldPay, SecPay, and the newer 'electronic money' based systems such as PayPal, Nochex and Fastpay. The main difference between the two is that with the electronic money versions, account holders can send payments to each other securely via e-mail. But paypal (world-wide) and Nochex (uk only) will allow customers to pay using credit/debit cards. A few of these are described below - but we do suggest that you visit the relevant companies in question for more up to date and advanced information.

Ic-webs.com is a WorldPay Partner

Apply for a WorldPay Account OnlineAs a WorldPay partner, we do not charge for the integration of the WorldPay gateway if you apply for a WorldPay account by clicking the WorldPay logo to the right and completing the relavant forms.

WorldPay is one of the leading Credit / Debit card processing facilities and is owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland. As such you have the assurance of one of the largest banking groups in the world behind you.

Once more, even if you have never traded before, the application for a WorldPay WorldDirect account is very straightforward. The complexities of requiring an internet merchant account from your bank plus a merchant account with the payment gateway are removed, since WorldPay can handle both for you. On balance, their rates are also highly competative.


secpay logo - secpay payment gatewaySecPay is another leading provider of payment gateway facilities. They have different options in the percentage deducted from each transaction and monthly payments so you can tailor a price plan that suits your business. However, you will be required to get an Internet merchant account from a bank to use this facility.


PayPal has over 20 million customers World wide and is owned by Ebay Inc.. It's great advantage is that it is simple to open an account online, and you can be trading in no time. Once more, any person with a paypal account can pay you directly from their account - even via e-mail - very quickly, securely and conveniently. Unlike WorldPay or SecPay there is no annual or monthly fee to pay, but you will be charged a percentage plus 20p for each transaction (this is approximate, and does vary depending upon the how much money you take over a period of time, and whether the transaction was from outside the UK). Paypal will also allow customers to pay via credit card. The only downside is that anyone who wishes to pay via PayPal must have an account, or register when they make a payment.


Nochex only accepts payments from people in the UK, and works in a similar manner to Paypal but is not as flexible. However, UK customers can pay via credit card without the need to register an account with Nochex - so there are some advantages.

Other Integrations

There are other Payment gateways available, and some will have an impact upon where your website is hosted since they require certain files to be registered on the web server to work. For security reasons, many website hosts will not allow the registration of files on their servers, and so different wen hosting may need to be sort. In any case, if you do have a different Payment Gateway provider in mind - please talk to us to discuss your needs.

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