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  Information Page: E-Business Website Design Solutions

Website Design Solutions for Business - E-Business

How easy is E-Commerce...

e-commerce website designE-Commerce can actively involve the sale of your goods over the Internet as opposed to just providing product information. As long as your E-Commerce web site is designed carefully, then the transition from even having no website to a fully fledged on-line business shouldn't be difficult. There are factors that you do need to understand - especially if you have never traded before, and we will guide you as much as possible with these elements. Even if you have a website, it may be readily convertible into an E-Commerce design website to get you on your way.

E-Commerce website design...

e-commerce shopping basket/kartE-Commerce based websites can effectively be created in a number of types and styles. You may currently have a 'Static' website with a few products you wish to sell, or a very extensive E-Business website with numerous products that populate a database. Either way, the conversion would be to integrate a shopping kart (or shopping basket) to store the customers chosen items and display all costs, a checkout procedure to gather the customers details, and a payment gateway to process the payment (and eventually put the money in your bank account!). Most E-Commerce designs however do implement some form of database allowing easy updating / addition of products via a control panel, and also the recording of customer transactions that have occured via your website. There are many other 'E-Business' solutions that can be implemented - including the generation of invoices, receipts etc. - to make your E-Commerce based system more productive.

The design and development of E-Commerce based solutions may also be influenced by your target audience - for example retail sales, or Business to Business sales. You may have different pricing structures for different customer types, and require customers to register with you (by providing verifiable contact information) before being assigned a password to view specific pricing / information. Or if your products vary between different customer types, then one of our 'Satallite Packages' may provide a more robust solution - providing seperate websites for your customer types, which you can market individually.

E-Commerce website design essentials

Essentially, any form of website conducting sales falls into the realms of e-commerce. Even if you do not directly take payment for your goods via your website (i.e. you take payment by other means, for example over the telephone), there are certain regulations that you must conform to - depending upon whether you sell to end users (B2C - Business to Consumer) or to other Businesses (B2B - Business to Business). It is also essential that any sensitive information - e.g. credit card details - are taken in a 'secure area' where encyption prevents this information from being intercepted and mis-used.

How we can help...

database driven e-business websiteIc-webs.com has a great deal of experience in the development and imlementation of E-Commerce based website designs. If you currently have an existing website - we can help you re-develop it as an E-Commerce application. If you don't have a website, then we will develop one from the ground up for you, and even help you initially in loading your product database with your products so that you are ready to trade as soon as possible. We also have experience in integrating to a number of different 'Payment Gateways' for credit/debit card processing. You may have a wish list of other things you would like your website to do for you - don't be afraid to ask, solving problems is our speciality...

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