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  Information Page: E-Business Website Design Solutions

Website Design Solutions for Business - E-Business

e-business website designBusiness is difficult enough in the present day, but a good, well designed and thought out website can certainly help attain that all important competative advantage. What is often overlooked though is that the Internet and the technology behind it can be utilised as a useful and productive tool. Not only can your website be used as an economical method of promoting your business, it can be integrated into your business more closely to become functional in more practical applications.

E-Business website design uses

content magement system incorporated in e-business website designMany medium to large businesses may have an extensive portfolio of products and services that require presentation. These products and services may also need to be updated on a regular basis. A database driven website provides a practical solution to such a problem. There are many choices in how the website design ensues, and this of course is dependant upon your businesses target area. For example, you provide products and services to the retail sector implying as much presence on the World Wide Web as possible, or you may need to target specific areas - such as education or trade. You may even provide for a combination of sectors. You may or may not want to display, for example, pricing information or may even to choose to make your website (or part of) a private website by password protecting it. You may also want to be able to alter the text based content (i.e. the parts of the website you read), in which case a fully Content Managed E-Business website design would be the optimal solution. In essence, the design can be very flexible and tailored to your needs.

Other E-Business solutions...

E-Business website solutions can go much further than just presenting information. Because of the use of a database, much more functionality can be built in for you. For example, from the pricing information provided in the database product by product profit margins can automatically be calculated, and information can be extracted that can be utilised in sales reports. You may have more than one website and need a method of allowing customers to get quotations from each, merge them together, and send them to you as a single quotation request (or even purchase them under one order). Our 'Quotation Kart' system is ideal for this...

Under certain conditions, it is even possible to convert your website into static HTML pages that can be burnt onto a cd-rom - providing a cost effective way of distributing your latest product range to customers without having to reproduce costly product brochures. By using an off-line control panel combined with a simple access database - this funtionality can be increased even further, since more complex tasks can be performed on your own computer as opposed to the server where your website resides.

database driven e-business websiteThe type of database you may need will be highly dependant upon the complexity and product range of the services you provide. Primarily we try and utilise Access databases as much as possible. If used carefully, Access can provide a very cost effective solution to most problems, and indeed we do have some very large websites using Access databases that perform admirably. But if required, Microsoft™ SQL Databases or MySQL databases are options - although costs do increase.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs

As you will appreciate, it is difficult to list and describe different configurations of E-Business website design configurations. Each business is unique in their requirements, and no one knows your business as well as yourself. Our expertise is in problem solving - so don't be afraid to talk to us about your wants / needs - we can usually develop a direct or indirect E-Business web site design solution that is cost effective and will meet your requirements...

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