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Domain Name Services

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A Domain Name is important in identifying your business on the internet.

Choosing a domain name carefully will help guide custmers to you...

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Choosing a domain name is an important element when it comes to being found on the Internet. The best are short and easily identify your business / products / services effectively.

You can register almost any name you like - but should avoid names that are recogniseable as trademarks. But you should be aware that domain names are on a first come first served basis, and because of this many people register domain names even months before they start a project.

Ic-webs.com Domain Name Services

Ic-webs.com can register a name for you on your behalf, and we will look after that domain for you until you decide to use it. You do not need to buy hosting services from us for this - we will simply 'park' your domain. If however, you purchase a domain as part of one of our hosting packages, then we will start the hosting as soon as the domain is registered successfully.

Currently, we charge 15.00 per year for registering .com/.net/.org domain names, and 15.00 for 2 years registration for others.

Ic-webs.com Domain Name Checker

To check the availability of a domain name, type the domain name in the box below, choose the type (e.g. .com/.co.uk), and then click the 'Search' button. Please be patient - it may take a short while for the search to complete.

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