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  Information Page: Database Services

Databases and Database Services


There are various database types available that perform admirably in a multitude of situations. Primarily in the web applications built by ic-webs.com, careful technques are used to allow efficient use of standard Access databases for a cost effective solution. However, if necessary these are easily upgradeable to MS SQL or MySql databases if necessary - although additional costs may be involved. The type of database we recommend in any project will depend heavily upon your personal requirements, and we will of course discuss this with you in any initial consultation.

Other Database Uses...

Database applications on the World Wide Web however are not just limited to web site applications.

Ic-webs.com has successfully integrated solutions for customers that have for example enabled the creation of a very cost effective parts database with seperate web based interfaces for staff and customers. This solution provided a very cost effective product, run on a local network (as opposed to the Internet) that could easily be updated and expanded.

We have also created solutions to enable data collation in Human resources areas via a questionnaire database that even created bar charts, gif images to display in results - all run offline integrating the web based application with Microsoft Office components.

The above are just examples of where ic-webs.com can help. If you have a project in mind, or want to know if it is possible to solve a work based problem - then talk to us. We will do our uttmost to provide a solution.

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