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  Information Page: Content Managed Websites

Website Design Solutions Incorporating Content Management

What is Content Management?

As the phrase suggests, content management is essentially a method employed to enable (in this case) a website owner/administrator to change the content diplayed on their website that can be seen.

In the most common form, the products in a database driven E-Commerce or E-Business website can easily be updated / added / removed with no knowledge of the programming languages used to create web pages.

As a matter of course, all of the websites designed by ic-webs.com will employ content management at this level giving you the flexibility and control to update your product range in your time. This avoids the need for you to pay for someone with the skills necessary to do this for you. Of course, if you would prefer, we can perform these tasks for you, but a fee would be involved.

Other forms of content managed websites

You don't necessarily need to have a products database for a content managed website solution. If for example, you do have a website that contains a lot of information that you need to regularly update, then a content managed solution would be ideal for you. In such a case, the variable content would be stored within a content database, and as needed this content can be altered - via a control panel we would provide - when necessary.

In more powerful systems, the whole visible content as well as the products can be made manageable. This provides you with the ultimate in website flexibility.

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