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Computer Build Services

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Need a computer or an upgrade for your business.

Then we can offer custom built systems to meet your needs...

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  How we can help...

Often, an off the shelf computer system isn't quite what you really need - whether for business or home use.

Ic-webs.com has had many years building computer systems for its clients (as well as maintaining them in some cases). Where we tend to differ from other companies is that we do not stock components, but will search to create a system for you that not only meets your requirements, but will also be both economical and reliable.

Thus our products are not off the shelf - they really are built for you. We can also load the system with software you need so it is ready to go when you recieve it. Any such software is always registered in your name (or your business name), and all disks we use will be supplied. Once more, we will always keep a record of your system, so that if in the future you do lose any of the supplied drivers for example - we will obtain then for you.

If we are designing a website for you...

If we are designing a website for you, and you need a new computer - then we can always include a quotation for your system as well. If we host your website, then we can also set up things like your e-mail etc. so that everything is ready for you when you recieve it.

If you would like a quotation for this service, please contact us providing as much information as possible about the features / use of the system so tht we can return an accurate quotation.

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