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  Information Page: About ic-webs.com

About ic-webs.com...

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Who are ic-webs.com?

ic-webs stands for Integrated, Creative Website Solutions, a business formed in the millenium year with the specific aim of providing modern day solutions to Internet based needs.

Our approach

Our approach to a clients in web related fields differs from other companies providing web design, web hosting and promotion services as we have an understanding in both business needs, and the importance of integration between normal day to day and Internet related business activities.

Whether an individual, small, medium or large enterprise, the commitment to our clients is the same. Confidentiality, honesty and integrity are key to our work ethic. We believe strongly in building relationships with our clients and maintaining them.

We also have an interest in trying to provide very cost effective solutions for the small business that cannot (at present) afford the financial commitment in provision of their own Internet / E-Commerce based presence. The burden of both development and initial marketing can be quite significant, and where possible we will always try and provide solutions to ease this burden.

Our Services

We offer a full range of services, from website design, development and hosting all the way to maintenance, providing teaching materials, data collation tools, and also specialist bespoke projects. If you have an idea, and would like to know if it would work - then talk to us. We look at the Internet and Internet technology as a tool - not just a world wide advertising platform - and can often create solutions to complex problems that are both efficient and cost effective.

This website

This website only gives a brief introduction to ic-webs.com and what we can do for you. It is hoped that those new to Internet related ventures find the information provided helpful, and we hope you enjoy browsing our website.


We really do have a happy customer base! Should you like us to provide you with a reference for our services - please just ask.

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